Code SA002-2
Photographer ONUKA Masami
Contributor Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
Distance from hypocenter (m) 9000
Caption Permanent Exhibits
A man with burns over his entire body
Photo by Masami Onuka
Taken at the Army Transport Quarantine Station on Ninoshima Island, 9,000 m from the hypocenter
Thousands of survivors were brought to this quarantine station for treatment; most of them died.

A Man with Burns over his Entire Body
Photographed at the Army Transport QuarantineStation on Ninoshima Island / August 7, 1945
This man was exponsed within 1 kilometer of tne hypocenter. Only the area covered by a waist band escaped burns. Persons within 1.2 kirometers of the hypocenter who received direct heat rays (no intervening object)suffered skin-destroying burns and damage to their internal tissues and organs. Most died immediately or within a few days.,Man with burns over his entire body
August 7 Army Transport Quarantine Station on Ninoshima Island
Photo by Masami Onuka
(2019 Main Building)

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