A-bomb artifacts


Code 2301-0022
Artifact name Lunchbox
Donator Tsuneharu KANO
Receiving date 2011/08/24
Dimension (W×H×D) (mm) 173×110×39
Distance from hypocenter (m) 700
Number 1
Location Peace Memorial Park vicinity
Caption Younger brother’s lunchbox keepsake
Donated by Tsuneharu Kano
700m from the hypocenter Nakajima-shin-machi (now, Nakajima-cho)
Koji Kano (then, 12), the donor's younger brother, was a first-year mechanical engineering student at Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial School. He was exposed to the bomb while helping building demolition work. His father, Takeshi, set out the next day by boat from their home in Kurahashi Town and went to look for Koji. No matter how much his father searched, he couldn't find Koji anywhere and to this day he remains missing. A considerable amount of time passed before Takeshi received Koji's gaiters and lunchbox. The gaiters were placed at Koji's grave and have since rotted, but for 66 years this lunchbox had been carefully preserved in the family Buddhist altar. Koji's name is written on the lid.

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