A-bomb drawings


Code GE08-47
Creator Tadakatsu Hatsuya
Age at the time of bombing 34
Date of the scene 1945/8/6
Distance from hypocenter (m) 3,200m
Location Minami, Ujina areas
Dimension (cm) 27×38
Caption A-bomb Drawings by Survivors
[Artist's comments]Summarized
His intestines dangling
The man was around 40 years old. He was desperately walking toward the sea with his intestines dangling from his belly. Burned over his whole body, his skin was peeling like peach skin. His face was completely blue except for bloodshot eyes staring at a fixed point.
August 6
3,200m / in front of the Ujina 13-chome streetcar stop
Tadakatsu Hatsuya

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