A-bomb drawings


Code SG-0455
Creator NITTA Daikichi
Age at the time of bombing
Donator NITTA Daikichi
Date of the scene
Distance from hypocenter (m) 1500
Location Kokutaiji, Senda areas
Dimension (cm) 27×38
Caption While I was unaware, A Woman Lying on the Ground Breathing Very Feebly Was Taken Away
Painted by Daikichi Nitta
August 7th, 1945
Approx. 1,500m from the hypocenter at the entrance of the Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital
Remarks by the Painter
At the entrance of the hospital where I went (to find my classmate), a woman of around 30 or so lay on the ground. While staring at her for a while, I noticed that after one breath, she did not take another. When I got worried about her, she finally took her next breath ...I was not sure how much time had passed after that, but when I left the hospital, she was no longer not there. I was sure that she could not walk alone. I have read an article saying that those who were still alive were also loaded onto trucks with corpses at that time. She might have possibly been carried on such a truck.

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