A-bomb drawings


Code SG-0475
Creator Seigo Nishioka
Age at the time of bombing 13
Donator Seigo Nishioka
Date of the scene 1945/8/6
Distance from hypocenter (m) 2,000
Location Kokutaiji, Senda areas
Dimension (cm) 29.7×42
Caption “A-bomb experience of a 13-year-old boy”
Artist: Seigo Nishioka
I was sitting on the riverbank, feeling anxious. Then, two upperclassmen said to me, “Let's get out of here!” I leaned on their shoulders to join the evacuating crowd. The river was full of people who didn't make it. I was no longer shocked at the sight of the injured nor the dead. All we could think about was saving ourselves, and we had no energy left to help others.
Black clouds were slowly spreading throughout the western sky. They brought “black rain” contaminated with radiation.

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