A-bomb drawings


Code NG024-26
Creator Ichiro Kono
Age at the time of bombing 22
Date of the scene 1945/8/6
Distance from hypocenter (m)
Location Koi, Kusatsu areas
Dimension (cm) 27.4×39.4
Caption Silently fleeing the flames

1,900m from the hypocenter
Misasa-hon-machi 1-chome (now, Misasa-machi 1-chome)
August 6, 1945
Mitsuko Yoshioka (18 at time of bombing, 48 at time of drawing)

[Notes from the artist]
A continuous line of men and women, adults and children, looking like nothing from this world, were fleeing the expanding flames. I couldn't hear any moaning or crying. It was like a line of lifeless people, not running or walking, just silently pursued by the flames without expression.

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