A-bomb drawings


Code SG-0301
Creator MATSUSHIMA Keijiro
Age at the time of bombing
Donator MATSUSHIMA Keijiro
Date of the scene
Distance from hypocenter (m) 2,200m
Location Kokutaiji, Senda areas
Dimension (cm) 19×28.5
Caption Young lives
2,200m from the hypocenter Near Miyuki Bridge
Drawn by Keijiro Matsushima (age 16 at the time of the bombing)
[Excerpt of artist comment]
The children mobilized for demolition work that morning came home badly burned. Some had been transported by an Akatsuki Corps truck. Young lives entitled to bright futures full of happy dreams, many must have died shortly afterwards. I prayed for the peaceful repose of their souls, and vowed to communicate their anguish and prayers to the world.

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