A-bomb drawings


Code SG-0426
Creator Hiroyuki GOTO
Age at the time of bombing 17
Donator Hiroyuki GOTO
Date of the scene 1945/8/7
Distance from hypocenter (m) 1290
Location Kokutaiji, Senda areas
Dimension (cm) 25.5×18
Caption A sitting child
Drawn by Hiroyuki Goto
August 7, 1945
Approx. 1,290m from the hypocenter Near Meiji Bridge
Notes from the artist:
On my way to Koi Station I came across a child sitting on some steps near Meiji Bridge who looked like he was in second- or third-year at elementary school. When I tapped him on the shoulder and asked if he was alright, he fell forward with a crash. There was nothing I could do for the dead boy, so I returned him to his seated position and put my hands together in prayer.

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