識別コード 3101-0097
資料名 中学生の学生服
資料名(英語) Junior high student's uniform
寄贈者(カナ) 河本 忠雄(コウモト タダオ)
寄贈者(英語) Tadao Komoto
受入年月日 1973/01/18
寸法(幅×高さ×奥行)(mm) 740×550
被爆地(旧町名) 中島新町
被爆地(現町名) 中島町
爆心地からの距離(m) 700
数量 1
内容 県立広島工業学校1年生の河本梶雄さん(当時12歳)は、動員学徒として中島新町の建物疎開作業現場で被爆し、消息を絶った。父の来さん(当時46歳)と兄の忠雄さん(当時18歳)は、梶雄さんが被爆したと思われるあたりで、一人一人の遺体をひっくり返して必死に梶雄さんを捜した。3日後に梶雄さんの学生服の上着を、被爆場所から数百メートル北側の本川べりで発見したが、梶雄さんの行方は分からなかった。山県郡の自宅で梶雄さんの帰りを待っていた母・君代さん(当時36歳)は、毎日気が狂わんばかりに、息子の消息を求めていた。結局、どうしても梶雄さんの行方は分からないまま、その年の9月ごろ、この学生服を遺骨代わりに自宅で葬儀が行われた。その後、被爆後多くの負傷者が運ばれた似島から、梶雄さんの遺骨と形見となった財布が送られてきた。

ブロック別 吉島・舟入・観音地区
展示説明文 梶雄さんが被爆当日着ていた学生服
爆心地から約700m 中島新町(現在の中島町)

展示説明文(英語) The school uniform Kajio was wearing when he was A-bombed
Donated by Tadao Komoto
Exposed to the bomb at Nakajima-shin-machi (now, Nakajima-cho), 700m from the hypocenter
Kajio Komoto (then,12), a first-year student at Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial School, was A-bombed while at a building demolition site, where he was working with other mobilized students. His father, Kitaru, and others frantically searched for him, but they were unable to find him. Three days later, only Kajio's school uniform was found. He probably had desperately attempted to go home. The uniform was found by the river several hundred meters north of the demolition site. In September, while his body was still missing, his family performed a funeral ceremony using the uniform in place of his remains. It was some time later that the family was notified that Kajio's remains had been found.

I waved goodbye to him at the corner. . . I never imagined that that would be the last time.
Mitsuko Ebihara (then,9), Kajio's younger sister, relates:
"My brother was gentle and only a few years older, and we were very close. We used to play together a lot, fishing and shooting marbles, both of which he enjoyed very much. To go to junior high school, he left our parents' home in Yamagata District and lived in Hiroshima City as a boarder. Around August 3, just before the atomic bombing, he came home for a short break. When he set out to return to Hiroshima, I asked him to bring me a gift next time and waved goodbye to him at the corner. . . I never imagined that that would be the last time I would see him alive. My mother was beside herself, frantically inquiring where he might be and every day desperately waiting for his return. In September, while we still didn't know where his body might be, we held a funeral, using this school uniform as his remains. I still recall how the back of the jacket was torn. I hope you can understand what the uniform speaks of: the terror of the atomic bomb and a great longing for an eternally peaceful world."
資料性質 被爆資料
収蔵場所 収蔵庫2


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